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ABOUT US – EICR Certificate London

Are you looking for reliable electricians? Have you grown tired of changing your electrical service provider with every occasion? Meet EICR Certificate London, a superb set of individuals with a plethora of experience in electrical maintenance and ingenuity in engineering. Our goal isn’t just attracting new customers for one-and-done jobs with poor quality. We are here to stay with you through the years, to create a bond that goes beyond a simple business transaction. You can rely on EICR Certificate London with nearly 20 years of experience all over London, ranging from small residential EICR projects to taking down substantial industrial and commercial EICR inspection. We have been there for many Londoners and will continue to do so by guaranteeing electrical safety for all our customers.


We have passed the obstacle of a worldwide pandemic in one of the most competitive cities in the UK, London. Our customers are a witness to our dedication, focus, and continued commitment to our clients. It is not just our technical qualifications that help us stand out among all other electrical services providers in the UK. The attitude of our technicians has been critical to our cause as the centrepiece of our strategic approach in marketing.


Our electrical staff is all NICEIC certified, a legal requirement for all UK-based electricians who want to issue proper electrical safety certificates, including EICRs. But if you need more than a state-issued document, listen to our previous customers and look at our existing work experience. We have completed industrial projects in cooperation with larger companies. Still, our goal has always been providing electrical repairs and services to anyone who needs them, no matter the size of the project.


Straightforward pricing is one of our most admired qualities among our customers. There are no hidden costs or expenses baked into our prices, and we will provide a detailed explanation of all our services in our invoices. Our technicians are ready to explain any aspects of our projects to you if you ever feel like there’s any ambiguity in our prices.