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Portable Appliance Testing or PAT is an inspection of any electrical device that isn’t permanently connected to the house’s electrical grid system. While the word portable may be confusing, it is necessary to state that a PAT certificate covers the safety status of stationary appliances such as electric ovens, washing machines, and any other electrical device. PAT testing is a precaution every house needs, whether you own the property in question and live in it yourself or rent it fully furnished.

An electrician familiar with various electrical appliances must carry out the PAT testing since it covers different electrical technologies. Here at EICR Certificate London, we have a team of highly skilled electricians with a wide range of expertise in electrical testing.


Portable Appliance Testing is an inspection procedure standard in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. It has been a common practice in a few other countries, such as New Zealand and Australia. This procedure is mandatory in some cases, like houses with multiple occupants and not a legal mandate for private properties. Still, considering the money it will save in the long term, and more importantly, ensuring the safety and security of your appliances, property, and life, it is certainly worth the effort.

A PAT test will include:

  • Earth Continuity Test

  • Insulation Resistance

  • Polarity Check

According to UK regulations, a PAT certificate must be reexamined and reissued every five years or in intervals suggested by the Electrician according to the case’s specifics.

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Where a PAT is most needed:

  • Retail Shops

  • Corporate or Private Offices

  • Commercial properties

  • Industrial Workspaces

  • Private Rental Properties

PAT Test London

PAT certificate is not a legal requirement for electrical safety in UK and Northern Ireland, but the regulations may be subject to change soon. It’s better to be prepared.

Keep your Electrician’s number close and your Electrical Safety Certificates closer!

Electrical Safety Inspections aren’t just an assessment tool, and the issues and unsafe circumstances as detected by the PAT or EICR must be dealt with immediately and accordingly.

Here at EICR Certificate London, we keep a complete record of all the electrical inspections we have carried out over the years. So even if you manage to lose your copy of the reports, you can always count on us to provide you with a new copy of the certificate. You may think they’re just a formality, but all insurance providers will need a hard copy of various electrical safety checks before they offer you premium plans.


All our technicians are registered under NICEIC and NAPIT.

Pat Testers must hold City and Guilds Level 2377-22 certifications; otherwise, any PAT certificate issued by them is null and void in the eyes of the law and insurance companies.

But what makes us unique is that we offer a thorough inspection for any job, small or big.

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